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1. Fake a high-waisted skirt with a cropped sweater.

The key to this option is perfect balance. To strike it just right, remember these two things:
1. Don't wear heels—even if you are extremely petite! This look is supposed to be youthful, fresh and effortless, and anything other than flats will dilute the effect.

2. Pick something in a bright color and/or pattern. Black or lace-trimmed pieces will (like I mentioned before about the pumps) make the outfit seem too racy.

2. Layer a silk nightgown under a robe-like jacket.
Wearing slips as actual dresses was what the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013 show was all about; and if it's okay with Marc Jacobs, then it's okay with me! To keep it from looking like you're walking around in, well, your pajamas, include lots of interesting textures, like fur, rich brocade and patent leather. Also, just like those Vuitton models, you should have a slightly oversized jacket or coat to offset the slip's slinkiness.
3. Let a lacy half-slip peek out from beneath your pencil skirt.
Rather than stress over matching up lengths, just be sure your second layer's hemline is pretty enough to show. But, since that means that a lot will be happening from the waist down, go more simple up top. Stick to solid T-shirt and tank top through summer, and then switch to neutral-hued pullovers in fall.
4. Wear your skirts with slips instead of shirts.
Not only does it provide a built-in lining for your bottom half, but also eliminates the need to constantly re-tuck up top. It's the kind of streamlined look you'd get with a leotard or swimsuit layer—without all the complicated public bathroom logistics.