Is John Galliano Designing Costumes For Stephen Fry?

When Stephen Fry takes the stage as Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest next year, people might have more to talk about than just his performance. The British actor/writer, who is also directing the upcoming production, is reportedly pursuing the recently re-emerged John Galliano, along with Roland Mouret and Sarah Burton, to create costumes for the show.

Whether there's any truth to this rumor, which first started in the Daily Mail, has yet to be determined; in fact, there are plenty of reasons not to believe it. For one, according to Vogue UK, Burton's camp at McQueen has totally denied the claim. Also, there's been no supporting statement from either Galliano or Fry, only speculations posted on various fashion sites.

Still, should designing outfits for a famous performer dressing in drag indeed be the shamed designer's long-awaited entrée back to fashion, he's had plenty of practical experience to prepare: before all those years working for Dior and his own namesake label, he had a gig as a dresser at the National Theater during Judi Dench's star turn as Gwendolen's formidable mother. It's also worth noting that Galliano is renowned for both his opulent creations and keen sense of showmanship, two skills well suited to costume-creating. Who knows—perhaps if the runway world won't have him, he'll make a second career in theater. We'd certainly see a lot more plays if he did.

Photo: Fairchild Archive

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