JewelMint's New Collective Section Is Indie Jewelry Paradise

Since its launch in 2010, JewelMint has been a top-notch source for affordable jewelry that doesn't look generic. Based on exotic finds from marketplaces around the world, the brand's range of influence runs deep. Preppy corded friendship bracelets are listed next to teardrop earrings that could've been been lifted from The Great Gatsby's costume closet, which are next to plated metal bangles tailor-made for Coachella. There's a little something suited to everyone's style.

Even so, shopping just one label can start to get boring—no matter how awesome said label may be—which is exactly why JewelMint has recently added over 2,000 items from group of over 40 indie jewelers to its mix. Called "The Collective," this new section of the site is set up sort of like a digital souk, with a separate page for each designer to show off their wares. All the pieces are fairly budget-friendly, but not everything is marked at $29.99, like JewelMint's in-house line; prices start around $20 and head upwards of $300.

Although The Collective just launched this month, some of its stock is already dwindling. Click through the slideshow below for five pieces worth buying before it's too late.