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Backyard BBQ
Perhaps the most common Independence Day festivity of all, the humble backyard BBQ allows for some sartorial freedom. It's festive enough you can wear something a little bit dressy, should you like; but shouldn't you like, than casual works, too. So, go ahead: mix and match pieces from either side of the spectrum! You outfit will be better for it.
Picnic in the Park
Do you really want to deal with sitting on a blanket in a skirt? What if you want to be cross-legged while you eat watermelon and potato salad? Or lay down for power nap afterwards? No, it's better to prevent wardrobe malfunctions with a pair of slouchy cutoffs, paired with flat(ish) shoes; you know, in case a impromptu game of frisbee breaks out!
Chillin' at the Beach
Hanging around on the sand all day means you can keep it easy; just you, your bikini and a few low-key accessories. Of course, given the occasion, bonus points are awarded for squeezing in a red, white and blue color scheme. (Just please, no American flag swimsuits, okay?! The great thing about this particular look is that the other 364 days of the year no one will know you bought it for July 4.)
Afternoon Ball Game
Ah baseball, an excellent choice! Few things will make you feel more patriotic than sitting in the nosebleed section, heckling the away team and eating roasted peanuts (and crackerjacks!). Really, the only way to enhance the experience more is wear a comfortable, sporty outfit that won't hinder your movement as you squeeze between rows of die-hard fans on the way to the bathroom. (Or get ruined when one of them inevitably spills beer on you.)