Karl Lagerfeld Is Designing Dirndls

Let's pretend you're given a envelope of money and have to spend it on something created by Karl Lagerfeld—whatever will you choose?! Furry helmets from Fendi's fall line? A quilted 2.55 guaranteed to match everything? Some of the designer's signature fingerless gloves? Nope. All wrong answers. You need to pick yourself up a Kaiser-made dirndl—because yuuuup, those exist now.

Even if you've never heard the term "dirndl," you've definitely seen several throughout your life. Commonly known as a "beer maid" outfit, it's a traditional dress that's been worn by Bavarian women for hundred of years. Usually it consists of a simple white blouse layered under a corset and an apron-topped skirt, but according to WWD, Karl's version will be "all done with a rock ’n’ roll edge and touches of black leather."

The capsule collection is slated to launch next September at the new Karl Lagerfeld concept store in Munich (it will also be sold at the label's Berlin location), just in time for the city's 180th annual Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival dedicated to drinking beer. Whether or not people will purchase these dirndls while sober or drunk remains to be seen.

Photo via WWD

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