Karlie Kloss Will Celebrate Her 21st Birthday This Weekend With a Frozen Margarita—and a Karlie's Kookies Kake!

Karlie visits the Lucky offices in Times Square.

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Earlier this afternoon, some of Lucky's editorial team was treated to a special visit from Karlie Kloss, who brought along Victoria's Secret's new Body by Victoria collection for us to check out. Equally excitingly, she also brought along a tall stack of Karlie's Kookies, her mouthwatering gluten-free (not an oxymoron, people—seriously, try one!) cookies for Momofuku Milk Bar. When you invite a bunch of editors into a room filled with pretty bras, chocolate chip-studded treats and one of the sweetest catwalkers in the biz, we tend to get a little giddy—and luckily, I was able to steal a few minutes with Karlie post-presentation for a chat. Read on to learn about her summer beauty routine, her most recent footwear purchase (warning: you will be jealous)—and most importantly, how she's celebrating her 21st birthday this weekend.

Lucky: First off, you're absolutely glowing today. Do you tend to tweak your usual beauty routine during the summer?

Karlie Kloss: I do! Because it's hot, and you're sweaty, and walking around the city—I mean, it's dirty! In the summer, all I really focus on is skincare. A good cleanser, a good toner, just wiping everything off at the end of the day. I have the Clarisonic Mia, which is excellent. And I love Clinique's basic cleanser—it does the job, it really does.

Which items in your wardrobe have been getting the most play this season?

Hello—my Karlie Forever jeans! I just love them, and love the fact that they're long enough. I also recently discovered the Reformation here in New York—I love that place. It's not super-expensive, and it's perfect for those chic summer dresses you can just throw on even when you know you're gonna sweat. And I love their concept of recycling fabrics.

Much of your day-to-day job requires heels, but I'm sure that's a major pain to deal with when it's 85+ degrees outside...

Oh, I live in my Repettos. I also just got these Ann Demeulemeester lace-up suede sandals that are so chic. They just take a good five minutes to put on, is all! And you know what? I bought them online—on sale!

Speaking of treating yourself to stuff, I hear you've got a pretty big birthday coming up on August 3rd...

I know, it's the big 2-1! On Thursday night I'm having a birthday party with a big cookie cake...

Dare I ask if it'll be a Karlie's Kookies Kake?

Haha, yes! Tomorrow, I'm going to Momofuku Milk Bar and we're gonna work on it.

Sounds delicious. But enough about what you're eating—what's your first legal cocktail going to be?

Well, since I've never had a drink in my liiiife...I'd have to say a margarita. Frozen. With a little umbrella.

I'd say 21's an umbrella birthday. Enjoy!

Click through to shop some of Karlie's summer faves.

Above photo via Instagram (@LuckyMagazine)