Kate Moss Schools Us in Styling a Little Black Dress

Kate Moss isn't usually the bubbliest person when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi. And since I doubt she's giddy about the Royal Baby or Adam Levine's engagement or the freakish 90-degree heat wave attacking London, my best bet for her giant smile earlier today is this imaginary conversation:

Paparazzo A: "Guys, come over here, it's Kate Moss!"

Paparazzo B: "Yah? Who's she with? What's she wearing?"

Paparazzo A: "Just her....some black dress thing."

Paparazzo B: "A black dress? Meh."

Paparazzo A: "I know. But her accessories game is strong." [Kate smiles]

That's probably not what happened (definitely not what happened?) but regardless, that last part is still true, and there's no way Kate didn't know it. It would've been easy to autopilot a dress like that, adding classic black accessories for a Audrey Hepburn-y look, but she took her black Prada dress a different route.

With a zebra print clutch (Kate Moss for Longchamp) and teal and coral T-strap sandals (Christian Louboutin), her look was street style star-y and weird in the best way possible. It's enough to make us want to pull our own black dresses from the edges of our closets and push them back into rotation, even in the middle of July. Styled this way, it'd give us a "yeah, I know my outfit's awesome" grin, too. Click through below to shop Kate's look (at non-Louboutin and non-Prada prices). 

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