Lace 'Er Up! 11 Pairs of Corseted Sandals

Basic black leather matches everything.

Digital Writer

Maybe when you read the headline above you thought of Aquazzura's many thousand-plus-dollar versions, which have been splashed across the editorial pages of most every major fashion magazine this season. It's also quite possible that a similar—but more affordable—style from Zara popped into your mind (Maybe this one? Or this one?), because all of your friends own a pair. Those have been the two most popular lace-up sandal options this summer, for sure, but they're not the only ones out there. If you're looking for a corset-front shoe that's a little less ubiquitous, check the slideshow above for a more under-the-radar selection. Each of my picks delivers the same slyly sexy, slightly subversive jolt to an outfit that an Aquazzura or Zara design does, but in a standout "where did she find those?!" kind of way. Your secret's safe with me.