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Lauren Edelstein, Stylist
A perfect example of how eye-catching accessories can make an entire look.
"I found this skirt in the kid's section of Zara for $13! It's super girly, so I love mixing it with edgier pieces like a studded heel for work or a crop top and metallic Supergas for the weekend."
Jayna Maleri, Senior Fashion Writer
Why wear white when you can wear a whole rainbow?
"On crazy-hot days, I love wearing a flowy sundress like this one—it's the closest I can get to showing up naked at the office."
Alison Syrett Cleary, Digital Writer
We'd spot those ruby red d'Orsays from a mile away.
"When I only have five minutes to get ready, a basic black and white outfit with red accents comes together fast."
Jenna Gottlieb, Senior Fashion Writer
Thanks to that bold bag, we're now craving a tall glass of cold Tropicana.
"It's counterintuitive, but I love pairing boxy tops with slouchy pants. It works as long as the trousers are cropped (you can always cuff longer pairs), and the oversized silhouette is balanced with some feminine heels."
Sarah Ferguson, Assistant Digital Producer
A classic blazer looks oodles more fun in summery baby blue.
"This blazer has the potential to look retro in a bad way...I mean, it has shoulder pads. But I love it because it gets me out of my comfort zone and the color is just the prettiest."