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"My absolute must-have for any plane ride is the DKNY Cozy. I use it as my scarf, as my blanket, as my pillow and, of course, as my sweater! It fits any purpose and is so comfortable! I have them in black and gray, they are definitely my favorite sweaters." - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator
"My most important thing is to wear socks. I am always freezing on planes and when I fly with a heel or a shoe that leaves the top of my foot exposed, I end up very unhappy. I love to go with fun, warm socks and I don't even care if they match my outfit—they are always in my purse in case, if not on my feet!" - Laura Morgan, Special Projects Director
"Minnetonka black, fringy moccasins are perfect—the zipper in back makes them easy to slip off for security and the soft, worn leather is so comfy when I'm dozing on the plane—plus they add a laid-back air of chicness to skirts, leggings, jeans, sweats…" - Megan O' Neil, Associate Beauty Editor
"I travel a lot, so I've mastered the travel outfit. My go-to has become skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, Chanel flats and a scarf. I always have a cashmere sweater in my carry on as planes are always freezing. The best part [of my outfit] is that if you have to run somewhere right off the plane, all you have to do is throw on your accessories and you are ready to go!" - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
"I always bring extra socks in my purse. I have the worst luck of getting delayed on the runway and having to sit for hours on a freezing cold plane. So extra socks are good to keep your toes warm! I've even used them as mittens after one horrible, delay-ridden return flight from Paris!" - Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"Spanx leggings and my Paige Denim oversized button-down with slip-on Bass Weejun loafers. The comfy and easy-to-wear shoes make the security line a breeze." - Adrianna Barrionuevo, Associate Fashion Credits Editor
"My airplane uniform is black J Brand jeans, a J.Crew button front shirt and Converse shoes. Then I throw on a colorful scarf (usually Madewell) and a Marni black blazer with patch pockets to throw my ID in." - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
"I think a lot of girls wear sweaters up top to fend away the aggressive A/C on planes, but I'm all about a blazer instead. It's just as warm but looks more polished, and it's my insurance policy to always have one semi-dressy thing already on my body in case I get super-delayed or (worse) stranded without luggage for a day. Plus, you never know who you're going to run into in the airport—I met my boyfriend in one—so you might as well dress up a teeny bit." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"I love wearing a basic slip dress on a plane, because no matter how many additional layers you pile on top (a cardigan, a little leather jacket, a blazer, etc.), the whole outfit still looks sleek and polished. I always bring a big pashmina along—airline blankets are the worst—and wear either ballet flats or smoking slippers, both of which are totally TSA-friendly." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"I will not get on a plane without this scarf in black. Its also great to have while you're traveling because its big and cozy and eliminates the need to pack a ton of sweaters." - Julia Kalachinkoff, Accessories Director
"Wearing slip-on shoes is always a solid move when passing through the TSA area. Also, bringing a clean pair of socks to wear on the plane will do wonders beyond your wildest imagination. When you're stuck in a confined space, comfort is everything." - John Jannuzzi, Contributing Digital Editor
"I always wear skinny jeans and a basic tee with a cute blazer or jacket on top. It's super comfy, but the jacket makes it a pulled together outfit. When I get where I'm going I swap out my flats for a wedge or heel." - Samantha Trenk, Public Relations Director