16 Backpacks That Won't Leave You Looking Like A High Schooler

Radiate the sophisticated-art-appreciator vibe with this abstract print backpack.

Digital Intern

As a five foot tall gal in her early 20's who uses an all-too-effective anti-aging moisturizer, I often experience the unflattering mishap of being mistaken for a high-school junior. This has been the impetus for the conscious effort I've taken since going to college in avoiding all things high school: lipgloss, most floral prints, and especially backpacks.

Still, the crowded, unbalanced contents of my shoulder tote-bags have been weighing on me quite literally (you'd think I was carrying red bricks and free weights in there). Thus, in the spirit of glorious, equal weight-distribution and "I'm a grown up now" sentiments, I have compiled 16 mature backpacks approved for all ages.