Men Really, Really Hate Wedges, According to Recent Research

There are many wonderful things about wearing wedge shoes. They allow you to be taller without resorting to painful stilettos; they let you walk across soft grass without sinking into the ground; that chunky shape often makes legs look leaner in comparison. Really, according to a recent study conducted by (reported on by The Huffington Post), the only thing stacked-sole footwear can't do is attract men.

The reported results of the survey reveal that out of 2,103 dudes polled, 71 percent found wedges to be "the least attractive shoe trend" ever, ranking just above UGGS (67 percent), Crocs (63) and platforms (58). What's more, it seems that wedge-loving women looking to impress a guy can't play the "he's not looking at my feet anyways" card, either: 79 percent of the poll's participants said that they always notice a ladies' shoes.

Still, while you might want to consider this information before your next date (especially if it's a blind one), we don't advocate cleaning house on your entire shoe wardrobe. Who knows? Maybe your future husband/boyfriend/friend with benefits will fall in the other 29 percent of opinion. Talk about a sole mate.

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