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Chrissy Teigen
Of all the models to follow on social media, Chrissy is the most laugh-worthy. Aside from her photos of bulldogs (instant classics), the accompanying captions are usually enough to make us crack up. (Throw her a follow on Twitter, too. You won't be disappointed—trust us.)
Coco Rocha
She probably wouldn't say it herself, but Coco Rocha is the queen of model social media. She commands huge followings on pretty much every platform and always does it with charm. Expect no less from her Instagram. We're still not over that behind-the-scenes shot from a shoot at the Sydney Opera House. Mindblowing.
Cara Delevingne
She's a goofball, there's no denying that. And that's totally why we love her. Funny faces, funny people and a general IDGAF attitude makes her feed completely worthwhile. Disclaimer: You will want her brows really bad.
Bar Refaeli
Victoria's Secret Angel Bar Refaeli is clearly not afraid to share anything. Unlike a lot of model feeds out there, this is a true glimpse into her life, including pool parties, David Guetta shows in Ibiza and (of course) gratuitous selfies.
Ali Michael
Quite possibly the weirdest model feed out there—make that possibly the weirdest feed full stop. Still, dark-browed Ali Michael's life commentary will make you laugh and question the universe at large. Worth it? Of course.
Emily Didonato
There's no shortage of backstage selfies on Emily Didonato's feed. And it's pretty clear she's got that whole piercing "look into my eyes" look down. Good instruction for Facebook photos.
Soo Joo Park
We first fell in love with Soo Joo for her gorgeous blonde hair, but after checking out her Instagram we fell in love with her taste, too. Artfully propped Mickey Mouse dolls, jade nail polish and some of the finest accessories we've ever seen. Props to you, Soo Joo.
Karlie Kloss
Nobody closes a show like Karlie Kloss closes a show. Season after season, we've come to expect a slinky, towering walk down that runway. But we've also come to expect a funny, bright and cheery personality to go along with it. Follow her for behind-the-scenes, glacier hiking and the summer's most popular Instagram: MoMA's Rain Room.
Jourdan Dunn
A lot of people say "walk like Naomi." We say "walk like Jourdan."