Nicole Richie Has Gone Viral

Entertainment Intern

Nicole Richie isn't just a Hollywood personality—she's a brand. Although originally noted for her boho style, the former Fashion Star judge knows how to look confident and sexy in anything. Whether she's wearing an all-white jumpsuit on The Today Show or a shimmery, slinky floor-length gold gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards, Richie knows how to ace any red carpet test. A Best Dressed List regular, it's no wonder the former reality TV star created both a chic fashion line, Winter Kate, named after her daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden, and a cool jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, also named for her firstborn (Richie also has a younger son, Sparrow). What makes this designer extra special is that her off-duty style is enviable, too! She can be shopping with her kids after a Beyonce concert and still out dress all those street style strivers.

But before Richie was a modern style icon with a serious sunglasses fixation (pick up our September issue for a look at her huge vintage sunglasses collection), she lived a simpler life. Back in 2003, Richie was making America crack up on The Simple Life. While she probably wishes she could go back in time and rethink some her outfit choices for the show (and possibly her friendship with Paris HIlton too), she sure as hell shouldn't regret her deadpan humor and willingness to ask literally anything. She seriously made us laugh until we cried. So it's great to see her unedited, laugh-out-loud wit back on camera. #CandidlyNicole, her AOL webseries (available to watch right now, right here) based on her Twitter feed covers everything from butt crack tramp stamp removals to fashion lessons with Ru Paul to slang lessons from her little sister. Trust us, it's the perfect workday diversion. Read on to hear more about the show and make sure to click the link below to see it all for yourself.

How did #CandidlyNicole come about?

I was sitting down with Telepictures and we were just talking about different ideas that we both had and a few people in the meeting happened to follow me on Twitter. We were talking about my overall feed and we just came up with the idea together to kind of just do this web series that was loosely based off different tweets that I had done and people had responded to. They’re so professional over there, they know exactly what’s been retweeted the most and all that stuff.

Has it been a blast?

Yeah, it’s been so fun because, I mean, I get to just be me. I get to just be silly and have fun with it.

You've featured your friends and family on the show. Is everyone totally game?

Yeah, actually, my dad [Lionel Richie] is going to be on. My sister and I did a special Father’s Day one with him. I would say it's my favorite one because the three of us get together and it’s just us. It was nice because we were at his house and just hanging out.

Is it just a small crew that films you?

Yeah, I like to keep it small, for me, because when you are in front of a camera, it’s really easy to become another version of yourself. When you have a small crew, people around you who you know and who you like and who you’re comfortable around it’s obviously just easier to be the real you.

Click here to see Nicole's latest episode and make to sure to catch new episodes every Tuesday.