MTV's Late Night Funny Ladies Make The Case For Office-Ready Lace Bodysuits

Would You? Could You? Should You?: Hair Chalk

"Yes, yes, and yes. We wish they had this when we were teens. Our moms would have been a lot cooler about us randomly showing up at the breakfast table with pink hair."

Entertainment Intern

Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, the funniest ladies of late night TV in our opinion, are back for season two of their talk show Nikki & Sara Live on MTV. The hilarious duo, who discuss serious and important pop culture issues like how much Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts are worth ($5 million, in case you were wondering) and whether or not the woman who attacked Hugh Jackman at his NYC gym is a stalker or the worst X-Men villain ever, return on July 30th. The comedians/hosts are always looking good, whether it's in a belted dress and bright blazer or striped tee and oxfords, while they're making you pee-your-pants-laugh. You can read some of their fashion advice, for men and women, below or check out the slideshow. Also, make sure to catch the season premiere of Nikki & Sara Live when it airs July 30 at 11/10c on MTV.

What's sexy for a guy to wear? What's not?

We love the sexy woodsman look. Any outfit that screams "I just crafted a dining room table for you out of hundred-year-old reclaimed wood" is HOT. An effortless button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves is a simple way for a guy to convey that he just got done making something for us, whether it's an armoire or hand-rolled gnocchi.

What's not sexy: jeans that are skinnier than ours. Oh, and easy on the necklaces.

What trend needs to just go away?

Under-boob. First there was straight-up cleavage. We were happy with that for centuries. Then came side-boob. And now we've already moved on to under-boob? Side-boob deserves more time to prove itself. FOUR MORE YEARS. FOUR MORE YEARS.

If Nikki & Sara were a fashion line – what would that look like?

We've always dreamed of putting out a line of business casual lace bodysuits. Nothing says "I'm leaning in" like head-to-toe sheer lace.