One Clever Bright Red Skirt, Five Different Ways to Wear It

Hot weather—which, if you live on the east side of this country, has been strangling us all week—makes most of my friends talk of bathing suits and cutoffs and how they really need a new pair of sandals. But me? I want a fancy new skirt. Something bright enough or hey-that's-a-cool-print enough to spin the other things I'm wearing into an outfit, even when those other things are just a tank top and my default neutral sandal heels.

With a super-saturated, Instagram-filtered red shade, a lightweight, July-friendly fabric and a cut that's just loose enough you can actually dance in it, this Zara skirt might fit the bill. It's packs a whole lot of energy into not a lot of fabric, annnnnd it's $59.90. But if that's not enough, it's also weirdly versatile for such a strong statement skirt. Click through below for five different ways to wear it, then buy it here.

For drinks at that new rooftop bar, add bright earrings, a shiny clutch (extra cool if it's oversize) and a tank top or a crop top, if you're feeling a little more adventurous. You'll look fun and cool and confident, and girls in the bathroom line won't be able to disguise their outfit envy.

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