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Who knew telling time could be so beautiful?
We love how sweet the print on this purse is.
Fab shades for those who don't lose them every five minutes!
These one-of-a-kind shoes combine leather and hand-woven turkish rugs!
So clutch.
The perfect weekend shorts!
These earrings will make a huge statement without breaking the bank.
Yep, it's monkey fur. Yep, we're in love.
Thrifted Chanel nameplate turned braclet perfection.
We love animal gems.
The options are endless!
A guaranteed wardrobe staple.
Is it ever too early to start boot shopping?
Make a statement with this non-traditional veil!
Let's all say it together: "Vintage Chanel!"
All of ACF's designs are handmade—including her custom-made clasps!
We're dreaming of snow-covered streets and hot coffee and British accents.
This is one bracelet we'd never take off!
Every woman needs at least one black and gold beaded top.
This limited edition Chanel bag needs a good home and we are totally open to babysitting while you're out of town!
These Christian Lacroix earrings are to die for.
Swirls that keep you wanting more. And they're clip-ons! So fun.
How gorgeous is tourmaline?
Just try not to hurt anyone!
Dress up any little black dress with these stunning drop earrings.
What's that snapping noise you hear? Just the sound of street style photogs going nuts for this blouse. Anna Dello Russo, watch your back!
A ring that definitely makes a statement.
Bling that won't blind them.
Sadly, it does not come with a boat.
These adorable knits have us excited for winter!
There isn't an angle we don't love!
The red accents really bring these earrings to life.
We love Polly Wale's nature focused jewelry line. Every piece is truely unique!
The hardest part will be waiting till fall to start wearing this.
The perfect "something old" for your wedding day!
So sparkly!
You can never have too many little black dresses—especially vintage ones.
We'd never turn down a 1920's hat.
All of your friends will begging to borrow them.
Who knew so many rocks could be so beautiful? Clearly, we should've paid more attention in science class!
The hidden orange tulle is so sweet.
We promise, they'll look gorgeous with everything!
How very Olsen.
You can never have too much gold.
Wear them all together or mix and match. You choose—they'll always look stunning.
We are ready for Downton Abbey to start back and we're positive Lady Mary would approve!
A vintage timepiece that would go well with Lanvin.
The hazel shimmer really doesn't get enough love.
Even the dog knows that this is one serious dress!
We wouldn't mourn getting this beauty!
Pretty and punk.
Whether you wear it for your wedding or a weekend maxi, this dress is stunning.
These gorgeous studs have left us drooling!
I don't think we'd be able to focus on any work if we wore this!
This is what your summer tea parties have been missing!
Bumblegum pink never looked so chic.
Yes please!
Perfect for everyday wear.
This dress has all of our favorite things: stripes, sequins and tulle!
Equal parts creepy and awesome!
We're convinced that blue looks incredible on everyone.
Everyone will be asking where you got it!
Skateboarding experience not required!
Perfect for stacking with your everyday favorites.
It's like holding liquid silver!
A trip to the county fair never looked so chic.
The small purple accents really help this necklace stand out when you layer it.
We've professed our love of patterned shoes. But patterned socks? Oh yea, we love those too!
We just need an excuse to buy it.
This is what our dreams are made of!
Delicate and sweet but still incredible!
This jacket in maj!
They're the perfect shade of purple.
It's not to late to get this for your next summer getaway!
We think this is just the right direction for us!
We can't find a single flaw—except that we don't own it!
Perfect for picincs!
We have an overwhelming urge to watch Titanic now!
They may be from the 1980's, but they're pretty '50's chic in our opinion!
Emerald is still the color of the year!
Yes, it's real.
Chanel. Need we really say more?
Coming down from your post-Royal Baby high? No worries, ease back into society with this killer skirt!
Whether you're on team Troop Beverly Hills or Moonrise Kingdom won't matter—this denim shirt is a must!
Real friends wear crystals!
This 3D necklace is way better than any 3D movie we've seen!
Sweet and natural but totally unique!
Excuse me, we got distracted, what were we talking about?
We need 10 of these—now!
Perfect for those days when you just have to channel Marie Antoinette!
This isn't your old dime store mood ring!
A purple sequined dinosaur? Why don't we own this already?!
These gemstones are set within a handcrafted flower ring.
It's never too early to start planning out your next Derby hat!
Summer never looked so good.
These shoes have a nautical feel without having to set foot on a boat.
You'll want to wear this scarf all year long!
We can't get enough Mad Men style!