One Perfect White Dress, Five Fresh Ways To Wear It

Digital Fashion Writer

Earlier this summer I went on an internet shopping odyssey to find white dresses in every style I could think of (strapless, tight and short; strapless, flowy and long; long-sleeve, tight and mid-length, etc, etc, forever). But now, in the middle of another project, I think I've found one dress—one—that can easily float between different styles and looks, making a closet crammed with white dresses a little less necessary. (A little. I mean everyone loves a white dress, even dudes. Especially dudes.)

Hailing from this little place called Zara, the dress is easy, comfortable, simple-but-not-boring—perhaps my favorite qualifier—thanks to flirty cutouts balanced by a cool-girl-casual drawstring and asymmetrical hem. I can already think of so, so many ways to wear it, five of which are below. (But if they're not enough of a reason to add it to your wardrobe, the dress's legit affordable price tag of $59.99 probably is. Buy it here.)