The Overall Guide to Wearing Overalls

My biggest concern about overalls isn't finding the most flattering fit or sussing out who makes the best ones. I never even make it there, because I'm still stuck figuring out what else to wear with them in the first place. That's the challenge, and it's a headache even before getting into the nuances of short vs. long hems, denim vs. other fabrics. I look at them with the same "but howwww do I wear you?" curiousity as I would a turban or a crop top. In the past, it's been kind of a non-starter.

But thankfully there are people who have all the the time, money or natural talent (i.e. stylist-free Alexa Chung) to figure that out for the rest of us. So borrowing from my extensive street style star and celeb research—some of which is above—I've rounded up six shortcuts to wearing overalls in the most fail-safe ways I've seen. And yes, they're dependent on the overalls' cut and color, because there isn't just one blanket answer. (I mean, they're overalls, they're tricky by definition. But maybe that's a reason to like them even more?)

With Denim, Choose Stripes

So you've got the most basic short, blue, denim overalls but you're not sure what shirt to wear underneath? Go with a striped shirt. Navy or red versions always look classic, and they'll pair well with your starter set of overalls.

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