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With Denim, Choose Stripes
So you've got the most basic short, blue, denim overalls but you're not sure what shirt to wear underneath? Go with a striped shirt. Navy or red versions always look classic, and they'll pair well with your starter set of overalls.
Wear It Like a Jumpsuit
Don't assume wearing overalls means you're commiting to a baggy, more boyfriend-y silhouette. There are tons of options now that are more streamlined and sleek, especially in the longer, non-denim versions. Look for a slim fit with a wider leg, then pair it with simple heels and a basic top. It'll look very '70s glamorous.
When to Mix Prints
Shorteralls or shortalls or whatever you want to call them: when they're printed, go ahead and mix prints.
When to Not Mix Prints
But when wearing long overalls that are printed, play it a little more conservative up top.  You're already wearing a lot of pattern on that body.
Go Retro
Add classic favorites to denim overalls of any length play up the throwback, Americana element. (Red lipstick, white t-shirts and Keds also do the trick.)
Embrace the Layers
Overalls naturally have a laidback ease to them. Work with that vibe by creating a layered look via oversize cardigans, or tights when it's cold.