Nine Pants That Keep You Cooler Than Shorts

The ideal beach pant: sun-reflecting white, linen fabric, easy to slip on and off. When the rest of your friends overheat as their legs soak up the sun, you'll still be comfy.

Digital Fashion Writer

I was never very good at anatomy or biology or science in general, but I do know this little factoid quite well: when it comes to regulating human body temperature, pretty much all the action happens from the waist up. It's why you can wear a little dress and sheer tights in 50-degree weather and still feel okay as long as you've got a hat and scarf and all that good stuff up top.

So anyway, the legs: they're not as important, which is good to remember in summer, when the default thinking is that you've gotta wear a thigh-high hemline to stay cool. That's really not true, especially when it's not just hot out but also blindingly sunny. In that case, pants might actually be the smartest route to go. When they're loose-fit, light-colored and made of crepe-y, breathable material—no leather, wool or denim—some pants can actually keep you cooler than shorts, letting a little breeze in while (here's the kicker) keeping the sun out. Above, our nine favorite pairs that do just that.