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The ideal beach pant: sun-reflecting white, linen fabric, easy to slip on and off. When the rest of your friends overheat as their legs soak up the sun, you'll still be comfy.
The prettiest print, on a silk that's so barely-there you'll keep wondering if you forgot something. Like your pants.
With a silk blouse for work, then with a graphic tee on the weekends: they're airy and loose, but still polished-looking.
We'd wear them just like the model, with a sleeveless top and classic sandals.
Swap these in for your usual denim. They're made of thin, breathable cotton, with wide enough legs to let a little breeze in with every step.
They'll shield you from getting those sun-scorched patches on your legs while you sit outside at lunch—the ones that seem to make you hotter and hotter by the minute.
Way more glamorous than any pair of shorts could be.
All the sun-reflecting power of ivory or neutral pants, but in a cooler, punchier shade.
The prettiest drop-waist pants we've ever seen, in a lightweight fabric that's ideal for over-90-degree days.