Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 4: Fashion Face-Off

OK, what the heck is Melissa up to?! Last night's PLL episode was so revealing-yet-not-revealing, we weren't sure how to feel about Spencer's possibly evil, definitely creepy older sister. And can we stop with the masks, please? Especially in the information-in-exchange-for-your-face context. Anyway, while Spencer was out Nancy Drew-ing her sister, Aria was confessing her complicated past to Jake, Hanna was getting rescued multiple times by Caleb (swoon) and Emily's family troubles were getting worse by the minute. Now that the State Department is in Rosewood, things are getting juicy.

Click through the slideshow to see this week's outfits.


Pro: We love the menswear vibe of the oversized blazer and white button-down, and the brown leather watch is an excellent touch.

Con: Spencer's style is consistent, but that can also mean snooze-inducing. We want to see her in something unpredictable for a change!