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Pro: We love the menswear vibe of the oversized blazer and white button-down, and the brown leather watch is an excellent touch.

Con: Spencer's style is consistent, but that can also mean snooze-inducing. We want to see her in something unpredictable for a change!


Pro: You can always count on Hanna to play with color and pattern. The belt was something fashion novices might not think to add to a top like hers, but it totally works.

Con: Are the belt, necklace and studded blazer too much when worn together? Hmm...


Pro: I am so proud of Emily for showing off that swimmer's body! She wore a skirt (sadly not pictured here) in this week's episode and looked totally hot.

Con: Is her top an actual jersey? We know you're sporty, Emily, but let's try to splurge for a proper top next time. So close, Em. So close.


Pro: If you can see past the scary plaster busts, the beaded detail on her sweater and her super-funky striped pants made for a perfectly offbeat Aria outfit.

Con: Each pant leg was different, which is kind of strange, but Aria pulled it off because, well, she's Aria.

And the winner is...Aria! A little bedazzling goes a long way!