Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 5: Fashion Face-Off

The opening scene of last night's PLL episode proved that the nightmare's just beginning for our favorite Rosewood girls. The Liars are starting to address their academic futures (seriously—they can't be in high school forever!), so Spencer and Emily schedule a campus tour of the local college. While Emily seems genuinely interested in the school, Spencer's more interested in finding the number left by Tippy the Bird. Sidenote: can we all just agree that the whole Harry Potter/Star Wars/Game of Thrones banter Spencer had with that nerd was the best thing ever? He's right, by the way—Spencer totally would like the Lannisters.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Aria are having all kinds of mama drama. "A" fills Ella Montgomery's car with bees and Hanna finds some incriminating evidence against Ashley Marin hidden in a locked closet.

The night ends—like most college nights do—on frat row. Where, like at most college parties, someone gets arrested.

Click through the slideshow to see the outfits the Liars donned to deal with all the drama.


Pro: The biker-chick vibe from the leather vest is effortlessly cool and makes Emily's usually casual style totally edgy.

Con: The t-shirt dress is always a tricky outfit choice—it's pretty flimsy, after all.