11 Clever Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

For work, it looks classic with black & white. Off-duty, clash it with bright printed dresses. With your neutral work stuff

Digital Fashion Writer

Whining about having nothing to wear while standing on a pile of shoes, in front of an exploding dresser, and juggling armfuls of hangers: it's a somewhat ridiculous thing I do, but I know I'm not alone. Most women only wear 20 percent of their wardrobes regularly, which makes it way too easy to get sick of stuff and start feeling blah about getting dressed in general.

Not shockingly, my usual Rx—jumbo trash bagging stuff to take to Goodwill or sell on eBay before impulse buying something fantastically exciting but totally impractical—doesn't really work. Hitting the refresh button on your wardrobe requires some strategy, especially when you're trying not to buy unnecessary junk or spend too much money in the process. So below I've cooked up 11 shortcuts to help you do just that, via bags, dresses and shoes that have both punchiness and versatility on their side.