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What did you think of the looks from your shoot?
"I’m a Harley Davidson fan, so I have a few biker jackets so, yeah, always a fan [of those]. The stuff you put me in was great. I felt really cool in it."
What else do you like to do?
"Well, I’m really into science and biology and marine biology. As a kid, that’s what I always wanted to be—a marine biologist. In my downtime, I’m always trying to be at the beach, snorkeling, going through tide pools, catching things—that kind of brings out the kid in me. I surfed as a kid but I’m not great. You’ll probably find me looking through scientific journals on the beach."
How did you get the Runner Runner role?
"Really, I had done the pilot of Nashville then came to L.A. for the first time last summer and was sort of sucked into the whirlwind of meetings and getting to know the city. I was sort of out of my depth and getting lost in cars and making wrong turns. But I had these whirlwind couple months here, just a lot of meetings, and this was actually one of the big movie meetings I was super excited about. I had done my work and there wasn’t much I could do but just sort of be myself. I think there was something in my essence that that director really liked and it was a pretty quick turnaround, actually. Once they cast me, there was a conflict with the Nashville season starting again, and they were actually able to change the shooting schedule of Runner Runner so that I could do my stuff in the first week and then go to Nashville to start the series. So that was fantastic! I couldn’t believe that they had actually done that."
Tell us more about where you grew up.
"It was a very quaint little fishing village called Penzance—like The Pirates of Penzance, the musical. It’s a little fishing port and growing up there was wonderful. I spent my whole childhood in the sea and on the beach. It’s a very small community, only 20,000 people in the town. And the coasts and the cliffs are stunning in the summer, so we’d go on cliff walks and little beach excursions and we’d just be in wetsuits.  It was a wonderful place to grow up. But there’s no entertainment industry, there’s nothing to further a young kid wanting to move forward in that field, so I moved to London when I was 18 to pursue acting."
Is your personal style anything like your Nashville character's?
"I suppose it’s not too far removed. I wasn’t always a fan of the cowboy, western shirt but I do wear the occasional southern shirt. I think I like that kind of smart style as well, so I do enjoy putting on a good blazer and little bow tie occasionally when I do shows and things like that."
Is it fun playing the bad boy side of Gunnar?

"It was really fun, yeah. I like bad Gunnar! I keep seeing the tweets and things being like, 'Oh, Gunnar, we don’t like you. Get your act together. Comb your hair, have a wash.' It was really fun to just have that freedom to just be a bit moody and a bit depressed and be in that headspace."

What do you like to do in Nashville?
"The city has a great energy and a pace of life and the people certainly have that southern hospitality. I find myself at a lot of music venues because I love music so seeing live bands is always great. I’m actually at The Bluebird occasionally, There are great restaurants and I llike the Germantown district, the oldest part of Nashville."