13 Mostly Flat Sandals For Braving City Streets

Slightly pitched, so your ankles won't be too close to the ground.

Digital Fashion Writer

Somewhere between the beach sandal and the party sandal, there's the city sandal—a realistic, errand-running blend of the two, though that doesn't mean it has to look any less good. It just can't be a stiletto, because of sidewalks that strip heels to their metal and cobblestone streets that turn into obstacle courses with the wrong choice of footwear. But it can't be entirely flat, either, because of rogue litter and puddles and the general eww-ness of being too exposed in a bustling (read: dirty) metropolis.

Instead, the city sandal's its own species: slightly perched, often a little more covered-up on top, neither too precious to handle the 12 minute walk from brunch nor too raffia-infused to make it look like you just drove in from a beach barbecue. They're polished, easy and resilient, and 13 of them are below—just in time for "is it actually possible that it's too hot for closed-toe shoes?" weather.