Sharknado: From Just Another Made-for-TV Movie to Summer's Top Twitter Phenomenon

What were you watching on TV last night? If you weren't tuned in to the SyFy channel for the premiere of the network's original disaster flick Sharknado, then boy, were you missing out. Starring Ian Ziering (yes, of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame) and Tara Reid (of...Taradise fame?), the low-budget flick tells the tale of a global-warming-induced superstorm that ravages Los Angeles, bringing with it a maelstrom of bloodthirsty—you guessed it—sharks. Hilarity and horrendous special effects ensue, along with plenty of chainsaw-wielding and questionable dialogue.

Sounds campy enough, right? But nobody could have predicted what a complete social media phenomenon the movie would become. Below, just a few of the best celeb and fashion flock tweets from last night's premiere, which we expect garnered more hashtagging action than most made-for-TV flicks—or theatrical releases, for that matter!

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