Shopbop's Promo Code: The Best Under-$100 Things to Buy

When Shopbop has a sale, it's dangerous—because they have everything. "Hmm, I guess I do need a new pair of jeans" slides into "Should I get another work blazer while I'm at it? A bright belt? A Marc Jacobs keychain? A coffee table book? An iPhone cover?" before you can purse your lips together and say "self-restraint." It's sorta like why you're not supposed to grocery shop when you're hungry.

Still, some offers are especially hard not to leap at, like Shopbop's latest: an extra 25 percent off sale items with the use of promo code SALE25. Since those sale items were already discounted as much as 70 percent, it makes for some very wallet-friendly prices, like our favorite under-$100 finds below. Click through below to shop them all guilt-free, knowing you've at least got blinders on to block the pricey stuff, then comb the full sale here.

Those vertical stripes at the side work like optical illusions to carve into your waist and slim you. It's kinda brilliant.

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