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Those vertical stripes at the side work like optical illusions to carve into your waist and slim you. It's kinda brilliant.
Are those Pierre Hardy? No?
For when you want a fun skirt to dance in, but don't want to have to treat it too preciously.
The perfect barely-there, faded blue wash to make it look like you've had them forever.
Sometimes you just want a shirt cool enough that you don't have to worry about the rest of your outfit.
Moto jackets don't need to take themselves too seriously.
Pair it with little white dresses in summer, then with cozy turtlenecks and stiff denim in winter.
Unexpected and more polished than that basic brown belt you usually wear.
Tell everyone they're 1930s deco gems passed down from your grandmother.
The perfect basic but not boring black dress, with a floaty shape and cool detail in those layers of sheer chiffon.