Stick This: Three Outfits to Channel Your Inner Gymnast

If you were ever into gymnastics, you're probably at least somewhat familiar with Stick It. It's essentially gymnastics' answer to Bring it On, and it's full of weird jargon, ridiculous one-liners ("it's not called gym-nice-stics") and a generally absurd plot. The story centers around Hayley Graham, a naturally talented gymnast who suddenly drops out of the circuit and costs Team USA the World Championships.

After her retirement, Hayley finds herself getting into trouble biking around empty pools in her hometown. As punishment, she's given the choice between a military academy and the Vickerman Gymnastics Academy (VGA). Hayley, now a full-on gymnastics hater, chooses military school, but the judge forces her attendance at VGA, where she becomes a prisoner of the gym's legendary coach, Burt Vickerman, and can only get out if she trains, competes and wins her restitution money. Of course, since this is a teen-ish movie, things don't go quite as planned, complete with hilarious, meaningful and all around happy outcomes.

We give it five stars. That's a 10 for those who speak gymnastics. Here's the trailer:

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Credit: Buena Vista Pictures/ Courtesy Everett Collection