Lucky's 25 Favorite Street Style Stars

Alexa Chung

WHO: She started her path to fame as a model, but these days Alexa is best know for just, well, being Alexa. Every project the It Brit takes on—designing for Madewell, DJing, writing her memoirs, hosting TV shows—is centered around her spot-on style sense and winning personality.
WHY WE LOVE HER: For always balancing granny-chic pieces, classic menswear and schoolyard staples with such effortless finesse.
STYLE SIGNATURES: Wearing dresses as jumpers, loafers, oversized pullovers
MOST LIKELY TO BE SPOTTED AT: At an intimate store opening party for one of her favorite brands, like Chanel or Valentino, or bouncing around an outdoor music festival with some of her equally stylish friends.
FUN FACT: She won't wear a topknot without lipstick. "Without lipstick on, you're just looking at the topknot," she revealed in an recent interview for Stylist

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From left: Steve Eichner for WWD, Talaya Centeno for WWD, Kristen Somody Whalen for WWD

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