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"My year-round drink is bourbon on the rocks. During the warm-weather months, I sass it up a little by adding water (or 'branch,' if you're feeling old-timey) and lemon. It ends up tasting like a boozy bourbon lemonade. Bonus: all the water means your hangover will be minimal. Stay hydrated, kids!" - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"Sipping an ice-cold gin and tonic on a sweltering summer day makes me feel like a Fitzgerald-era flapper—strand of pearls and slicked-back bob entirely optional." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"I have a major weakness for margaritas. I really like the taste of tequila and salt together, but mostly it's because if I'm ordering a margarita, it usually means there's guacamole nearby." - Sarah Ferguson, Assistant Digital Producer
My favorite summer drink is a rum and root beer float. Just like your childhood favorite root beer float but kick it up a notch with your favorite dark rum. It will change your whole summer." - Hillary McDaniels, Assistant Digital Producer
"Tequila on the rocks with a lime is my go-to during the summer. It's simple, cool, has a little bit of bite and I never get a hangover." - John Jannuzzi, Contributing Digital Editor
"In summer, I love a Dark n' Stormy. Made with dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice, it's really refreshing in a tall glass with ice. Even better if the vessel is a kitchy tiki glass, like the ones they serve them in at the Rusty Knot in NYC's West Village." - Karen Wilson, Senior Digital Producer
"I know it's a bit boring, but I don't think anything beats a margarita in the summer. I like mine not sweet, with lots of salt on the rim." - Alison Syrett, Digital Writer
"Dallas BBQ's Blue Hawaiian with an extra shot. It's creamy. It's strong. And it comes with an umbrella." - Joshua Scanlan, Digital Project Manager