Hot Toppers: 15 Summer Jackets That Won't Give You Heatstroke

Jackets might be the last thing on Earth that you want to think about during the dead of summer, a time when everyone's trying to wear as little clothing as possible—but in fact, when outdoor temperatures are sky-high, so too are most air conditioner settings, which can lead to some surprisingly chilly situations. Office buildings and movie theaters are the obvious top culprits here, but restaurants, boutiques and museums also tend to fall prey to overzealous cooling conditions.

For this reason, a summertime jacket's a smarter investment than it sounds. The key here is to choose one cut from a lightweight fabric like silk, linen, lace or chambray—or to look for versions with sheer paneling, roomy sleeves or cropped lengths for optimum ventilation. We think the 15 awesome toppers in the slideshow below totally fit the bill.

That gauze paneling will keep you cool—even when the mercury hits triple-digit highs.