14 Summer Essentials to Buy on the Cheap

Tank Dresses

The good ones are as comfy and hot-weather-ready as a long t-shirt. You'll want a dozen of them for one-and-done dressing on annoyingly hot days, so buy them at a price point where you can actually do that.

Digital Fashion Writer

There are things you end up buying every single summer. A new pair of brown sandals, another striped t-shirt: they're the inevitables. Still, as easy as those purchases are to legitimize—hot weather demands them, no?—you really don't need to spend a ton of cash on them every time. Instead, opt for more affordable versions of those summer essentials, like these ones below. Each item's under $100, and most are under $50 or even $20, so you won't have to feel guilty for those purchases you were totally gonna make anyway. (And even better, you can buy a bunch of them in bulk.) Click through above to shop them all.