25 No-Fuss T-Shirt Dresses That'll Change How You Get Dressed

Yes, indeed, this t-shirt dress was made for braving this season's heat. The model even wore sunglasses!

Digital Intern

Walking home the other day in 95-degree heat, I passed a church with a sign that read, "The Devil Called, He Wants His Weather Back!" Too drained of energy to laugh, I gave the church a grave nod of understanding and solidarity. By the time I got home, my leather belt had more or less melted onto my favorite dress, leaving a discolored ring around its waist.

As I recovered beneath my apartment's A/C unit in an oversized t-shirt, cursing the sun and all waistbands, I realized I would have fared a lot better had I spent the day in my wonderfully loose and comfortable tee. But since society generally requires that bottoms accompany a shirt, dresses with all the ease of a tee are a worthy (and office-appropriate!) alternative.

I've compiled 25 top-rate t-shirt dresses so neither your belt nor your body will melt in the summer heat.