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Jogs are great for the heart, leg muscles and mind, but not so much for the joints, so support is key. This pair has a properly cushioned sole and a color scheme that reminds me of Kenzo's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. (Bonus: it'll totally work if you throw on one of those ubiquitous tiger sweatshirts as you leave the gym.)
Court Sports
The biggest different between running sneakers and footwear for racquetball, tennis and squash? Extra support on the sides for chasing errant balls. Wearing these tangerine trainers to your next match gives you an edge for two reasons. One, the style allows for agile movement and two, your opponent will be distracted by sheer jealousy.
Dance and Yoga
Although it's both physically possible and socially acceptable to do a yoga or dance class barefoot, you'll look so advanced-level-y showing up with a sleek foot wrap. Even better, these soft, split-soled sandals prevent slips and splinters while providing support.
Field Games
Whether you're playing on Astroturf or actual grass and dirt, the terrain of team sports calls for lightweight cleats; they allow for quick turns without slipping and speedier movements. Consider ordering your from a site that offers color customization, such as Nike or Adidas.
Strength Training
Weightlifting and abdominal exercises are fairly low impact, so it's okay to pick shoes with slightly thinner soles. What's more important is picking a lightweight model that's easy to move in. (In a kickass color combo, of course.)
Because no trail is without its fair share of sticks, rocks and pinecones, hiking sneakers absolutely must have a chunky rubber bottom; otherwise you might roll an ankle! To keep the look from veering in an orthopedic direction, pick a brightly colored pair.