The Best (and Prettiest!) Shoes For Every Kind of Workout

Getting dressed for a workout is sometimes harder than it seems. On one hand, you want a really good outfit to distract from all your sweatiness and lack of makeup, especially if you frequent the same gym or studio as any co-workers/friends/neighbors. But then again, isn't the point of exercising so that you look amazing later on? In that case, it's better to be concerned with what works, not just with what looks best.

For the shoe-obsessed, this is a particularly painful choice to make in the footwear department, as most performance sneakers are a far cry from cashmere Supergas or printed Keds designed by Taylor Swift. Even so, there's still plenty of attractive options out there that get the job done. To find the prettiest possible shoe for your workout of choice, click through the slideshow below.

Court Sports

The biggest different between running sneakers and footwear for racquetball, tennis and squash? Extra support on the sides for chasing errant balls. Wearing these tangerine trainers to your next match gives you an edge for two reasons. One, the style allows for agile movement and two, your opponent will be distracted by sheer jealousy.