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Even if you are small busted and don’t need a ton of support, you should still be buying a cute sports bra that gives lift and separation and provides some shaping. If you opt to wear your sports bra without a top, why shouldn’t you look your best? The Spanx Pretty-Pop Bra in red and pink has major fun factor and functions as a proper sports bra with great support.
Lose the uniboob! It’s not a good look on anyone. The girls need separation and encapsulation. You can opt for wireless if you want to be comfortable, but go for a sports bra that gives your chest a nice shape and good support, like Lululemon’s infamous Ta Ta Tamer.
There should be minimal bounce while you're working out. Lucy’s Girls Best Friend bra has been “bounce-tested” like you wouldn’t believe. I witnessed this bra in action during a Cross-X class at Gravity and there was zero bounce to speak of.
Nobody needs to see your nips during a workout. Go for a bra with molding in the cups. You can pick a sports bra with padding (to add a little oomph) or slight molding for nipple coverage. The Fila Sport Core Essential bra is wireless, comfortable and supportive with light padding. Definitely no nips.
If you are large busted and feel that you need a bra under your sports bra or need to wear two sports bras, then you haven’t found a sports bra made for large busted girls. These bras are very technical and can provide killer support—something you desperately need when you’re out for a run. Panache has a sports bra that's both pretty and seriously supportive—and runs up to a size H!