Six Signs That You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

'Tis the season to take one's workouts outdoors—but unfortunately, it's all too tempting to reach for your usual ill-fitting sports bra when heading out for a jog or hitting up a spin class. The sports bra is such an important part of your workout wardrobe, so why aren’t you wearing a good one?

You’re wearing the wrong sports bra if:

  • You look flat, shapeless and feel completely un-sexy while wearing it
  • You are wearing two sports bra (or what we call "double-braaing it")
  • You have a regular bra under your sports bra
  • You are experiencing a lot of bounce
  • You have no separation between your boobs (the uniboob is not a good look)
  • Your nips are showing

Caught in the wrong workout underthings? Don't worry—it happens to the best of us! Click through the slideshow to find the best sports bra for you.