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1. Travel-Sized Sewing Kit
One of the first things Terry told me? "A sewing needle and matching thread go a long way." Having both on hand makes fixing split seams, fallen hems and loose embellishments quick and easy. If there isn't room in your clutch to fit a mini sewing kit, ask your maid of honor to hold onto it—that's what she's there for!
2. Tide To Go Pens
The key to successfully treating a stain is to attack while it's still fresh. Having this handy detergent stick on hand means you'll be ready to lift spills and smears the moment they happen. "Just make sure it's non-bleaching!"
3. White Vinegar
Although Terry's preferred mode of stain defense is the aforementioned Tide To Go pen, he says that a formula of vinegar and water works just as well in a pinch—since caterers usually have a spare bottle of Heinz in the kitchen! If you want to be extra prepared, though, decant a few ounces ahead of time and stash it with some cotton balls for dabbing.
4. Glue
Bring along both fabric glue (for fast hemming and seam repair) and a mini hot glue gun (to secure loose beads and sequins). But don't obsess too much about keeping every sparkle and spangle in place! "No one will notice if you're missing one stone or bead." It's also not something that will register in photos.
5. Downy Wrinkle Releaser
Do your homework first, though! Terry warned me that some fabrics, especially satin, are susceptible to water stains, so it's better to skip spraying. Otherwise, this stuff really helps smooth out unflattering creases on the quick.