Wedding Dress SOS: How To Deal With a Last-Minute Gown Emergency

It takes months of deliberation to choose the right wedding dress—followed by several appointments to have it fitted just so—but only a split second to spill wine all over it. Or for the hem to catch on someone's heel and rip. Or for the a bead come loose and fall off. Or...well, you get the idea. It doesn't take much to damage a white (or light pink?) gown made of delicate fabric.

Still, despite the lengthy list of possible bridal SOS scenarios out there, there's no reason you should only serve clear beverages, avoid everyone wearing lipstick and skip the conga line at your reception. "It's your day," Terry Hall, the Fashion Director of Kleinfeld Bridal, told me. "You've got to live in the moment." Instead of trying to avoid every "what if" out there, he suggests being prepared for any possible mishap with the five key things in the slideshow below. Click through to prepare yourself for the worst. (Which won't stop that day from being the best anyways, I promise! So stop worrying!)

4. Glue

Bring along both fabric glue (for fast hemming and seam repair) and a mini hot glue gun (to secure loose beads and sequins). But don't obsess too much about keeping every sparkle and spangle in place! "No one will notice if you're missing one stone or bead." It's also not something that will register in photos.