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1. Crewnecks aren't required.
Although a cleavage-baring top is no good either—obviously—it's fine to meet somewhere in the middle if tight necklines aren't your thing. I suggest trying a slouchy silk blouse with a few buttons undone: it strikes a nice balance between nonchalant and conservative.
2. Your jewelry shouldn't be distracting.
C'mon, do you really want to be remembered as the girl who showed up in a emerald encrusted bib necklace? Understated pendants, stud earrings and spaghetti-thin bangles mean they'll first judge you for you, not your penchant for statement jewelry. (Don't worry, I'd say it's safe to go bangle- and chain-happy a few dinners down the road.)
3. Don't be afraid to wear denim.
It's really easy to get stuck on the idea of wearing a dress of skirt (like I did) because it seems more formal. After all, meeting parents for the first time is a very important occasion! But unless you are heading somewhere fancy, jeans might serve you better; you'll feel more comfortable and look more at ease. Just pick a trouser-like pair in a uniformly dark wash—no distressing, too-tight cuts or low rises!
4. Mini or maxi skirts are off-limits.
You can disregard this rule if you happen to be meeting your boyfriend's parents at some sort of gala or other one percent-y party, in which case you'll probably have to wear a gown. Otherwise, keep your hemlines in that safe zone between the upper knees and mid-calf area; super long or short lengths are too casual for the circumstances.
5. Avoid stilettos.
Die-hard heels girls, that doesn't mean you have to give up extra height all together! Just look for a pair with two or three, rather than a teetering seven, inches. If you were planning to wear flats anyways, don't do sneakers. It might come across like you don't care.
6. Make your bag medium-sized.
Both giant carry-your-life-in-it satchels and compact little clutches read high maintenance, and that is the very, veeeery last first thing you want them to think. You should be carrying a classic shape that's roomy enough for your essentials without too much extra space to spare.
7. Be sure to show your personality.
None of the guidelines I've listed matter if following the rules stifles your style. You want your boyfriend's mom and dad to meet the real you—not an uncomfortable version of you stuffed in a pencil skirt you'll never wear again—so be sure your outfit reflects that. Even if it's in a more quiet way than usual.