Wear It Now, Wear It Later: 10 Fall Must-Haves

Silk Pajama Pants

Wear It Now: With a bow-neck sleeveless blouse in a print in a similar color palette, plus a cool exotic-feeling clutch.
Wear It Later: With a sharp-shouldered blazer and pointy pumps, to lend those slouchy bottoms some shape.

Senior Digital Editor

Now that the final days of summer are in sight (sniffle!), it's time to focus on those key fall wardrobe buys. The downside to doing all that next-season shopping now, however, is that it's next to impossible to actually wait for cooler weather to debut our shiny new purchases. Fortunately, you don't actually have to wait 'til fall to start wearing your autumn clothes! Styled correctly, pieces typically saved for September can fit seamlessly into one's end-of-summer outfit rotation. Click through to see and shop the 10 things we're planning to pick up for fall—plus tips on how to wear them now. After all, patience is an overrated virtue.