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Riccardo Tisci
Tired of seeing feet in beach sand or cheesy snapshots? Riccardo Tisci is here for you. Follow the Givenchy designer for a world of inspiration that's completely weird and satisfying.
Prabal Gurung
Every time we talk about Instagram in the office, our Editor-in-Chief brings up Prabal Gurung. She claims (and we agree) that it's a completely unfiltered (yet filtered) glimpse into his world—something most designers are hesitant to share.
Reece Hudson
Reece Hudson accessories cater to that whole cool-kid crowd—not a bad thing at all. It's pretty clear that Reece corners this market because, well, she's pretty cool. It's Instagram-proven.
Whitney Pozgay
Good design is in Whitney Pozgay's DNA (she's of the Spade tribe) and she's got the 'grams to match her pedigree. There's everything from typography porn to well-framed vegetables. Get on that.
Tory Burch
If there's one brand around that captures that Slim Aarons lifestyle so many of us desperately want to live, it's Tory Burch. Pretty much every piece of clothing designed by the self-made Burch is fit for a life well-lived, and her travel-heavy Instagram is proof that she knows a lot about living a good life. Warning: FOMO will happen.
Chris Benz
Behold, Chris Benz, the designer with ever-changing hair. Well, not really, but it does change color from time to time. Benz rarely misses an opportunity to share—whether it's calling out some dude with a "winning" license plate or just casually posing in a mask with a cigarette. Worth your time, good for a laugh when you're in line at Whole Foods.
Kate Spade New York
They say the Kate Spade girl is quick and curious and playful and strong. If Instagram is to be believed, she is just that…and maybe a little bit of a lush, but that's okay. Each Instagram will give you a glimpse into the artfully propped world that is Kate Spade New York.
Francisco Costa
As the man in charge of Calvin Klein's legacy, Francisco Costa has built the most solid reputation and appreciation of sleek, sexy minimalism. Even a quick glance at his Instagram will acquaint you with his design style—whether it's a cropped skyline, texture close-up or nature shot. There are also dog pictures. I love dog pictures.