WATCH: Behind the Scenes at Alexander Wang's (Literal) Sample Free-For-All

Senior Digital Editor

On Saturday, July 13, Alexander Wang did something he hadn't done in quite some time—he hosted a sample sale. But not the usual kind of sample sale, where shoppers wait in a long line and are rewarded by markdowns. No, this sample sale was 100 percent free—and anyone who followed the brand on its many social media platforms and had spotted its open invite to an "undisclosed one-time-only event" was invited.

If you've read our own public relations coordinator Stephanie Kornblum's account of the madness that went down at the Highline Stages that fateful day, you already have some sense of just how dizzying and exhilarating this unprecedented free-for-all was. Now, the designer's released video footage of the buzzed-about event—filmed by Jawbreaker director Darren Stein, no less—and it's a must-watch. If you were one of the lucky 100 or so to make it into Alex Wang's groundbreaking giveaway, you might just catch your own gleeful expression on camera. If not, well, prepare for complete disbelief with a side order of after-the-fact FOMO.