Amanda Seyfried Just Wore the Coolest Dress-Bodysuit-Thing

Amanda Seyfried at a London screening of Lovelace today. Click through to shop her look.


Digital Fashion Writer

Amanda Seyfried just wore this sheer, shimmery shirtdress-leotard-thing to a Lovelace screening in London, and as much as it confuses me (what are you?), I also love it. It's unlike anything I've seen recently—a blend of flirty see-throughness and a retro, sweet silhouette, with a thoroughtly modern shine to it, too.

Plus it's almost like getting two dresses in one (sort of): in bright light, it's glaringly sheer and shows off your legs, but when it's dim, it's harder to notice that element, so it reads more conservative. It's a great dress and it make me want something like it, at least in one element or another whether it's the metallic polka dots, the midi-length, the shirtdress silhouette or just that gorgeous royal blue color.


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