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Ashlee's summery, casual look from the launch party.
What are some staple items every girl needs in her closet?
"A good pair of stilettos. I’d say booties are so important—and a ballet flat. And then the other three things I’d say are pair of jeans, a good shirt and a blazer. And a leather jacket—even if it’s not real leather! A good necklace fixes everything, too."
What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?
"I haven’t been able to shop lately, so I’m looking forward to shopping! I do like a little bit of the '90s thing, so that’s kind of fun. I get to bring my old Doc Martens back. I like oversized things, and florals."
What was the inspiration behind the collection?
"Everywhere! All around. Everyone brings something different. It’s amazing to see them [Jessica and mom Tina] all work together. I also think Jessica has a very all-American feel."
What sort of girl could you imagine wearing your collection?
"The line is very all-American. Every woman can wear it!"