Seven Tops to Audrey Hepburn-ify Your Look

Audrey Hepburn's top game was so on point. Click through to shop the look.

L to R: Getty Images, Mondadori, Moviepix

Digital Fashion Writer

Audrey Hepburn did a lot of things right. The ballet flats, the slim, cropped trousers, the silk hair scarves: she always looked good. But my favorite part of her sartorial strategy was her top game. Her sleeveless boatnecks? They make modern day tank tops look sloppy. And the structured mock neck tops? It's just a simple inch of fabric around the neck setting them apart, and yet they're far crisper than a classic crewneck.

Some girls might fixate on Audrey's Breakfast at Tiffany's white gloves/black dress/updo fanciness when they think of her style, but for me, those everyday tops are the standouts. They're the kind of thing you can throw on with jeans and still feel proud and ladylike, like you could go to a luncheon or sit for tea in a fancy hotel. So above, I've rounded up seven currently available tops—crisp button-downs, pastel boatnecks—that nail the same trick. Wear them on lazy days when you want a little bit of Audrey's classic, polished charm infused into your look, but you don't know quite how to do it.


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